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My specialities include EFT and Gestalt therapy.

Both are humanistic psychotherapies, which are characterized by not being focused exclusively on treating illness, but also on developing human potential. Together they emphasise what is happening now (what you are thinking and feeling) over what was, might have been, could be or should be happening.


Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)

trained by Sue Johnson.


EFT is all about how we move towards or away from our own vulnerabilities and needs. Based on attachment science, it is the most complete way to understanding who we are as humans and how bonds with others define us throughout our entire life and work relationships.

"Sue Johnsons has led the scientific field in helping us understand love and how to repairrelationships" —Dr. John Gottman

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy aims to achieve individual fulfillment and growth, as well as helping the person to become more fully and creatively alive, free from the blocks and unfinished issues that diminish satisfaction.


Intervention areas

• Career or work related problems or questions 

• Burnout, stress, fatigue or overstrain

• Anxiety, stress

• Depression, loneliness, guilt

• Anger issues
• Fears, panic, fear of failure

• Expats

• Relationship issues 

• Couple conflict

• Self esteem, insecurity, shyness

• Peer relationships

• Insight into own personality and possibilities and limitations, life transitions
• Problems related to the body, physical complaints with a possible psychological cause

• Sleeping problems

• Emotional disturbance, bipolar disorder

• Obsessions or compulsive behaviours
• Narcissistic personality traits


• Grief
• Self-harming
• Sexual abuse
• Trauma and unprocessed events, PTSD
• Cultural, racial, religion-related issues


Intervention areas

They shut me down with
a thousand locks,
but they forget that I am
the key.

—J. Narosky

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